Saturday, March 30, 2013

Get to Know Me :)

I decided to do this “About Me” blog post so that, hopefully, you will all be able to relate to me better and to introduce myself to anyone who hasn’t read my About Me or intro blog. It can be hard to care about someone's blog if you don't know anything about them. I hope that everyone will be able to relate to me in some way after learning a little more about me.

Basic Facts:
My name is Rachel.
I was born in, raised in, and currently live in Iowa.
I am a junior in college.
I am majoring in marketing.
I work at a fragrance counter at Younkers (a department store).

Beauty-Related Facts:
My hair has been blonde, light brown, red, black, and is currently purple.
I have a slight obsession with Urban Decay cosmetics.
XSparkage is my favorite beauty blogger and is part of the reason I am so into makeup.
I'm a lipstick junkie.
Bright, bold colors like blue and purple are my favorites colors to wear on my eyes.

Why I love makeup:
Makeup is my favorite way to show my creativeness. I love trying out different eye looks and seeing what works best together. My boldness with makeup is what makes me unique (at least where I'm from). I hope that I can inspire some of you to try out some different looks and products.

Beauty Favorites:
Drugstore Brand - Revlon
High-end Brand - Urban Decay
Hair Product Brand - the Sexy line (I use Healthy Sexy Hair and Straight Sexy Hair.)
Makeup Product - Lipstick
Hair Product - It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product
Fragrance at the moment - Daisy Sunshine (which I talked about a couple weeks ago here:
Fragrance overall - Viva La Juicy

Other Favorites:
Color - Purple
Store - Ulta Beauty
TV shows - True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, Awkward.
Movies - The Lost Boys, Heathers, Cruel Intentions, Labyrinth, Easy A
Music - A favorite artist would be hard for me to narrow down, but my favorite genre would probably be pop/rock alternative music.
Book - So many but Tweak is one of my favorites.

I hope these little facts about me help you to get to know me a little better. If there is anything else you would like to know about me, feel free to leave a comment below. Also in the comments below, tell me your favorite Drugstore Brand and High-end Brand of makeup. You don't have to have a blogger account to comment. :)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Body Shop Haul

I went to The Body Shop this weekend and bought a few things that I want to share with you all. They had a buy 3, get 3 free deal, so I got 6 things. I made my first purchase from this store last year and fell in love with their body butters. I have the strawberry, shea butter, and mango body butters. I also have the shea butter scrub, which I love too.

I am in love with the smell of the strawberry body butter, so I decided to try the body polish. This is a mix between a shower gel and scrub. It gently exfoliates the skin.

Sticking with the strawberry scent, I also got the shower gel in strawberry.

I picked up the shea shower cream as well, which is thicker than the shower gel and feels a little more moisturizing. I like that the scent isn't too strong or overwhelming.

Gotta love the strawberry scent! I got the body mist so that I can spray it on after using the body polish or shower gel and the body butter to make the scent last longer.

I just started getting into scrubs late last year, and now I can't stop buying them! This vineyard peach scent is soft and reminds me of spring. I have not tried a cream body scrub before. I think this one will feel somewhat moisturizing while still exfoliating the skin.

I also picked up the coconut cream body scrub. The scent is stronger than the vineyard peach scrub, but is still good and reminds me of the beach.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products or anything else from The Body Shop! What is your favorite scent/product?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Scent on the Scene: Daisy Sunshine

Hey everyone!

Marc Jacobs has recently released Daisy Sunshine, a limited edition fragrance for spring/summer. The scent is both fruity and floral. The tops notes are red currant, guava, and mandarin orange. The middles notes are lily of the valley, violet, and lychee. Finally, the base notes are apricot, blonde woods, and musk.

This is one of my favorite new perfumes that has been released this year. I love that it doesn't smell too similar to the original daisy. It has a unique scent that isn't quite like any other fragrances on the market currently. The staying power is also something I was quite pleased with. I could still smell the scent on me after wearing it for several hours.

Daisy Sunshine retails for $65.00.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Look of the Day: St. Patrick's Day

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to show you all my St. Patrick's Day eye look. It's nothing special, but I just wanted to do something a little festive for the holiday. I used eyeshadows in the BH Cosmetics 120 1st edition palette I paired the eyes with nude lips and a subtle cheek color. On my lips I am wearing Revlon Lip Butter in Créme Brulee and Stila Lip Glaze in Dreamy. On my cheeks I have Clinique All Over Colour in Peony.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lancôme's Gift With Purchase

Today is the first day of Lancôme's Gift With Purchase at any Younkers store (or store affiliated with Younkers) near you. All you have to spend is $35, and you get to pick out some free items. I have most of what you can choose from pictured down below and descriptions of each item. This is a great opportunity to try out Lancôme if you have never used their products before or a good time to stock up on anything. The Goodwill coupons are applicable and take an additional 15% off of each item you have a coupon for. The gift with purchase is valid through March 30 as well as the Goodwill sale, so stop by your Lancôme counter and take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

If you are not sure if you have a Younkers or other store affiliated with Younkers nearby, you can check at this link to find a store nearest you:

You can pick between two different makeup bags. I chose this polka dot one. The other is a lighter blue bag with darker blue flowers and small dots.

You can choose a moisturizer. I got Bienfait.

Every gift comes with a sample size of Hypnose Star, Lancôme's newest mascara.

You get the option of either Trésor lotion or La Vie est Belle lotion (not pictured).

You can choose to get a sample of either Génifique or Visionnaire skin care serum.

For the rest of the gift, you have three options. The first is the Cils Booster primer for lashes and an eyeshadow quad with purple-y colors.

Lavender Girl (Top Left), Pink Pearls (Top Right), Pink Zinc (Bottom Left), and Zip Me Up (Bottom Right)

The second option includes the Cils Booster again and an eye shadow quad with more nude colors.

The last option is a blush and a lipstick, which are both beautiful berry colors.

Click (Top Left), Daylight (Top Right), Kitten Heel (Bottom Left), and Vintage (Bottom Right)

Brilliant Berry

Vintage Rose