Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap HAUL! (Nightmare Before Christmas Collection)

I ordered a bunch of stuff after Fortune Cookie Soap's launch party a few weeks ago and finally got it all last week. The downside to me ordering all this stuff is that I hadn't gotten my Soap Box at the time, so I had to guess which scents I would like best. Some of the scents I like better in the Soap Box I wish I would have gotten more products of. Oh well.

I also ended up winning a sort of contest FCS did during their launch party. They ask questions and have you answer them on their Facebook page. Then they randomly pick winners for each question. I won a free fortune cookie soap of my choice from the collection and the holiday worlds mini fortune cookie soap set.

Here is a look at everything I purchased/won. Just a warning: this post is VERY picture-heavy. I have talked about the actual scents in my previous post about the Soap Box, so you can check that out for scent descriptions there or look on the FCS website.

Oogie Boogie Fortune Cookie Soap
It's earthy brown with a bug sticking out of it. How perfect is that? 

Jack Fortune Cookie Soap
Pretty self-explanatory how this captures Jack. The specks on it are glitter from other products that kinda got everywhere.

Zero Fortune Cookie Soap
I had to watch the movie again to understand the significance of the pumpkin because all I remembered was that Zero is Jack's dog. Zero's nose is a pumpkin. Wow. FCS is awesome at coming up with ideas for stuff!

What's This? Fortune Cookie Soap
I love this one so much! I keep singing the What's This? song from the movie in my head when I see this.

Here's a better shot of the glitter and snowflakes on the soap.

Sandy Claws Fortune Cookie Soap
The sand, the glitter, and the color choice is perfect for the Sandy Claws products.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Fortune Cookie Soap
This one is a glitter bomb. I love how fun it looks though.

Tangle in the Tinsel Fortune Cookie Soap
Okay so this isn't from the collection, but FCS had some other holiday-themed products and this one seemed like it would be good. The color is definitely not the same as it looks online, but I actually like this color better than the bubblegum pink shade it shows on the website. The scent is a mix of pink sugar and cola, according to the description. That's definitely accurate. The scent is sweet and smells awesome. I wish I would have got more products in this scent like the body wash and body butter. Fortune cookie soaps are generally around $3.69.

Sally Bar Soap
I really love how FCS pays attention to detail with these collections. This color is pretty much the exact color of Sally and the patches are the perfect touch.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel
Once again, this is a glitter bomb. I just loved the design though, so I had to get the bar soap too. Bar soaps are $6.95.

Jack Don't Be Jelly

So this stuff is like a soap that you just take a little piece of and and rub on your body in the bath or shower. I've never used it before, but it looks interesting. 

What's This? Don't Be Jelly
I kinda wish they would have made this light blue because that reminds of snow and makes me this of the What's This? scene in the movie. Red is Christmas-y though, so it works. Don't be jelly products are $6.45.

Oogie Boogie Body Wash
I've never used the FCS body wash either. This one looked really cool though, so I decided to give it a try. Body wash is $10.99.

Sandy Claws OCD Hand Sanitizer
Once again, perfect color for Sandy Claws. The scent is not very strong, but maybe it will be when I actually put it on. Hand sanitizer is $2.89.

Jack Steam Me Up Scotty
These are basically cubes that you put in a hot shower away from the stream of water. It fizzes and steams your shower up with the scent. I have been wanting to try this and decided to get a few different ones.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Steam Me Up Scotty
As I said before, I didn't know what the different scents actually smelled like before I ordered this stuff. I probably would have gotten a few other or different scents. There's always next time though.

Zero Steam Me Up Scotty
I'm not sure how this one will smell in the shower. I just hope it's not too overwhelming. Steam me up Scotty products are $5.99. They come with 3 in a pack.

Holiday Worlds Fortune Cookie Soap Set
This is a set of little mini fortune cookie soaps. They are so tiny and cute! Each one is representing a holiday town. The pink is Easter Town (pink sugar and black licorice). Brown is Thanksgiving Town (brown sugar dusted graham crackers, vanilla frosting, caramel, and raisins). Orange is Halloween Town (buttery cutout cookie, frosting sprinkles, powdered sugar, and bubblegum). Green is Christmas Town (blend of mulled fruits, Douglas Fir, patchouli, and musk). This set is $6.99 but is sold out currently.

I wanted to show the size of the mini fortune cookie soap, so here is one of the minis in-between a quarter and a regular-sized fortune cookie soap. Awww I love mini things!

FCS also is awesome and usually puts a sample of one of their products in with an order. I got this sample of the Sandy Claws Solid Bubble Bath.
There you have it! This stuff is great for gifts and is also just awesome to treat yourself with.

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