Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap

For anyone who doesn't know about Fortune Cookie Soap, it is an online-based company that sells various bath and body products. The name comes from these soaps they hand-make and sell that look just like fortune cookies complete with a fortune inside of them. 

I discovered Fortune Cookie Soap through Leesha AKA XSparkage. I admired all the goodies on the site for a good year or so before I actually ever bought something. This past December I decided to buy some things for my friend for Christmas and ending up buying soaps for her, for me, my boyfriend, my mom, and my sister. 

Honesty time: I haven't actually used mine yet. I bought one soap for myself and it smells delicious and is super cute, so I never wanted to use it. Now that I have a bunch more, I will actually use them and then maybe later do a review on what I think of them.

A few weeks ago, Fortune Cookie Soap had a Christmas in July sale and had all their fortune cookie soaps for sale at 50% off. They have come out with a lot of new soaps the past few months, so I decided to buy a few. I got eight fortune cookie soaps, two body scrubs, and a bar soap. Take a look below to see them all!

The soaps come in packing just like this or you can pay extra (around 50 cents) to have them sent in a cute take-out box. The prices for these soaps range from around $3 - $4.

What? It's Five O-Clock Somewhere! - The website says it is supposed to smell like a fruity cocktail. The smell is both fruity and floral. I can't put my finger on any particular scent that is in this soap. It is very pleasant though and I love the design.

Body Shot - This one is supposed to smell like raspberry lemonade. It smells very lemon-y. There is a faint scent of raspberry. The design on this is really awesome also.

I Scream, You Scream - I like Neapolitan ice cream and had to get this just because I thought it was so cute. It is supposed to smell like creamy vanilla, sweet strawberries, and chocolate ganache. I mainly smell the vanilla in this one. It smells just like a vanilla-scented candle. The chocolate and strawberry scents are faint and I only really smell them when I hold each side up to my nose. Maybe the scents will become stronger while I'm using the soap.

This one did melt on one side slightly in transit to my house. It's not a big deal, but just keep in mind if you order these around this time of year that they may not look perfect when they arrive to you.

Pink Lemonade - The website says this one smells like pink grapefruit. I'm not sure I smell that, but I definitely smell lemon. My boyfriend and I have decided it smells like lemon pledge. I love the pink color of this one and the glitter in the soap.

Aquaholic - The description for this one says it smells like tropical pina colada. I think that is a pretty accurate description. I smell coconut and pineapple. This one also has glitter in it. 

Once A Beach, Always A Beach - This one has water lily, apple blossom, sandalwood, and soft bergamont. The name is very fitting for this one. The smell is very ocean-like and one of my favorite scents out of all the ones I got. The top has "sand" mixed with glitter. So cool, but I'm not sure how that will work when I actually use the soap.

Bah! Humbug! - For the Christmas in July sale, they also had Christmas-themed soaps for sale. I got two of them. I would say this is the least attractive soap out of the ones I purchased. I'm just not a huge fan of the design or colors. However, this does smell awesome. This isn't available anymore on the website, so I don't know what it is supposed to smell like. I guess I would say it smells very fruity. I think I smell grapefruit in it.

No Peeking! - This is the other Christmas one I bought and it is definitely a glitter bomb. The glitter does kinda get all over, but it's so pretty. I seriously can't even come up with a description for the scent. It's not my favorite scent, but i will use it eventually. I'll probably break this out when it gets closer to Christmas and set it out somewhere in my house.

Body scrubs are one of the many other products Fortune Cookie Soap makes. These were also discounted during their sale, so I decided to get two because I love body scrubs. The scrub for Body Shot smells a little better to me than the fortune cookie soap, in my opinion.

This scrub smells a lot stronger than the Aquaholic soap but still smells great. These are $11.99 a piece.

When I was buying stuff on the website, I guessed which scent I thought I would like the most and got the bar soap of it. I went with "What? It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" and it is one of my favorite scents out of the ones I got. I love the design of this soap. I can't wait to use it!

The price for these bar soaps is $6.95

Both of the times I have purchased things from Fortune Cookie Soap, they have sent at least one sample with my order. I am assuming that is a regular thing that they do. This is a sample of their Bath Bomb in Rainbow Sno-Cone. It smells amazing. Very strong and fruity. I don't really take baths, but I might have to so that I will have an excuse to use this.

The shipping for this stuff can get pretty expensive. I don't mind too much though, knowing that these are handmade, good quality products.

So what do you think about this stuff? Would you use them? Let me know in the comments below. If you would like to see a review for this stuff after I have used some of it, make sure to tell me that as well. Anyone can comment and I like reading your feedback, so don't be shy!

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