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Clinique Cosmetics PART 2

This is PART 2 of my overview of Clinique cosmetics. In PART 1, I talked about Clinique skincare. If you missed my blog post on it, check it out here.

In PART 2 I will briefly discuss the makeup products I have used from Clinique and what my thoughts are on them. Swatches are included.


  • High Impact - This is probably my favorite Clinique mascara. It's main purpose is to add volume to lashes. It coats evenly and covers very well with one coat. I love the way it defines my lashes. This mascara is somewhat similar to Lash Doubling but thickens the lashes more and makes them pop a little better. It retails for $16.

  • Lash Doubling - This mascara is supposed to thicken and volumize the lashes, which I think it does. It separates them and helps them stand out but not too much. I like to wear this mascara when I want my eyeshadow to pop more than my lashes. It retails for $16.

  • High Lengths -This is my least favorite product I have tried from Clinique. The brush/comb is a strange shape and does not fit well around the lashes. It applies super clumpy and is just a complete mess. I just don't like how it looks on my lashes. It is $16 for anyone that can actually make it work for them.


  •  Long Last Lipstick - I have these lipsticks in shades All Heart, Bamboo Pink, Pink Spice, and Sugared Maple. All heart is a strawberry red. Bamboo Pink is a neutral brownish pink shade that is good for any skin tone. Pink Spice is a deep berry pink. Sugared Maple is almost the darker version of Bamboo Pink with a little more red in it. These all have a slight shimmer to them. They are non-drying but are not as long lasting as I would prefer. They stay on a few hours before wearing off without eating or drinking. They retail for $15.

All Heart, Bamboo Pink, Pink Spice, Sugared Maple

  • Different Lipstick -  I have these lipsticks in shades Glazed Berry and A Different Grape. Glazed Berry is a soft pink with a bit of shine. It is a fun pink without being overly bright. A Different Grape is a burgundy violet. This color is deep, but it is still very wearable. I think it is a great lipstick to wear with a subtle smokey eye look. These lipsticks are moisturizing and shiny. They wear for a few hours before having to reapply. They retail for $15.

Glazed Berry, A Different Grape

  •  Butter Shine Lipstick - I have the shades Baby Baby and Pink-a-Boo. Baby Baby is nude pink that is gorgeous on all skin types. Pink-a-Boo is a pretty, golden pink. These lipsticks definitely live up to their name. They are super shiny and are also very moisturizing. These wear just about as well as the other Clinique lipsticks. Baby Baby is one of my favorite Lipsticks from Clinique. They retail for $15.

Baby Baby, Pink-a-Boo

  • Almost Lipstick - I have this in the shade Black Honey. This color is a deep violet. It looks very dark in the tube but is a sheer shine lipstick. Once again the wear isn't as great as I would like it to be, but it is non-drying like the other lipsticks. It retails for $15.

  • Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm - I have the shade Curvy Candy. It is a light pink. These Chubby Sticks are Moisturizing like they claim to be but lack pigmentation. They are good to wear when you are looking for just a little bit of color. I do not own any of the new Intense Chubby Sticks, but I have tried them on at work at would recommend them above all Clinique lip colors. They stay on well and are nicely pigmented. Roomiest Rose is my favorite. Both the regular and Intense Chubby Sticks retail for $16.

Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy, Almost Lipstick in Black Honey


  • Long Last Glosswear - I have these in Air Kiss, Kissyfit, Sunset, and Fireberry. Air Kiss is a golden pink shimmer. Kissyfit is a bright pink with shimmer. Sunset is a golden copper shade that fits the name perfectly. Fireberry is a deep red with gold shimmer. The glosses are beautifully pigmented. They have SPF 15 and wear for quite a while. They retail for $15.

Air Kiss, Kissyfit, Sunset, Fireberry


  • Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Plum Seduction - I am obsessed with basically anything purple (clothes, makeup, and my hair), so naturally the one eyeshadow product I own from Clinique has purple in it.The dark plum and the dark taupe color are my favorite shades in this quad. The colors are nicely pigmented and they stay on best with a primer underneath. It retails for $27.


  • Cream Shaper in Starry Plum - This eyeliner is very creamy. The shade is a deep purple with a very slight shimmer. I love wearing this color with my Plum Seduction eyeshadow quad. It stays on nicely and last for most of the day. It retails for $15.

Plum Seduction Quad, Starry Plum Eyeliner


  •  Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher - I have these in the shades New Clover, Mocha Pink, and Fig. New Clover is a pink-y violet. Mocha Pink is a nude pink like the name suggests. Fig is a reddish brown shade. These blushes wear for a long time and are not overly pigmented. They retail for $21.

  • Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Peony Blend -This shade may have been changed or updated since I got it. Mine is almost a peach when mixed together. It is very natural-looking and is also great for every day wear. I love the design on the blush as well. It is a great color for spring time. It retails for $29.50.

New Clover, Mocha Pink, Fig, Allover Colour in Peony Blend

Have you tried any of these products or any other Clinique makeup that you love? What brand would you like to see me review/discuss next? Let me know in the comments below!

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