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What I Got For Christmas 2013: Ciate Nail Polish, Ulta Nail Polish, Viva la Juicy Noir Perfume, Philosophy Gift Set

Here's part two of what I got for Christmas! Sorry it took me so long to get this up!

These Ciate nail polishes came in a gift set of 6. They were packaged inside plastic balls that looked like ornaments. I gave 3 of the nail polishes to my sister for Christmas and kept the other 3 as a gift for my grandparents to get me. 

Yule Rules is a bright blue, sparkly glitter nail polish. For some reason when I saw these polishes, I thought they would cover my nails without having my bare nails show through. I didn't look at them closely enough and they definitely don't cover the entire nail. A regular nail polish has to go underneath unless you like the look of glitter polish on bare nails. It gives me a lot of different options for color combinations though. 

Candy Cane is a bright pink glitter polish. When I think of candy canes I think of red not pink, so I don't feel like the name really fits. Names aside, the color is really vibrant and pretty. The wear on these polishes are pretty good, but I have only tried OPI nail polish underneath with a base coat and a top coast from CND, so I don't know if that's what made the polish stay on well.

All Aglow is gold and bronze glitter nail polish. I have not tried this polish on yet. I am usually apprehensive about gold/bronze polishes because I don't think most look good on my nails. I'm also not a huge gold fan. Maybe this color with surprise me.

My grandparents got me this Shine On Nail Lacquer Set from Ulta for Christmas as well. I ended up with 10 new nail polishes for Christmas. I need to actually start wearing them all.

The polishes in this set are all black-based nail polishes. At least that's what they look like to me. I haven't actually worn any of them yet. 

Cosmic Love has multi-colored glitter in it. The glitter is different sizes.

Sparks Fly has gold glitter in it also of various sizes. I think the name for this polish is super fitting. Every time I read it I start singing the Taylor Swift song, "Sparks Fly" in my head. :)

The pictures of the last two polishes are not very good. Okay, I'll be honest - they suck. I couldn't photograph the glitter in them very well. Oh well. This shade is called Popping Bottles. The glitter is very small and is a mix of bronze, green, and purple.

These are the worst pictures ever of polish. Sorry guys. Holiday Mixer has different-sized glitter that is a pretty, deep blue.

I picked this Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahlia out as a Christmas gift as well. I have the original Black Dahlia Lip Tar and I love it. This shade is a little more red-toned than the original and has an awesome metallic look with some glitter.

The swatch doesn't really do it justice. I'll have to take a picture sometime when I'm wearing it for you all to see how pretty it is.

Another thing I picked out was the Philosophy Sweets for the Stocking gift set. I can't even explain to you how flippin' amazing this scent is. I love the smell of almond. This stuff is magical. It smells like sweet, delicious almond cookies. I haven't used this set yet because I want to use everything at the same time, but I still have some shower gel I'm trying to use up before digging into this stuff.

The first thing in the set is this body polishing scrub. If you haven't read any of my other posts you might not know, but I am obsessed with scrubs. 

The set also has a glazed body souffle. Smothering this all over my body is going to be like heaven.

Last is the shower gel & bubble bath. I don't take baths, so this will just be used as a shower gel. I'm excited to use this stuff not only because it smells awesome, but I have never used any Philosophy products. I've heard good things, so I'm sure this stuff will be great.

My wonderful boyfriend got me Viva la Juicy Noir perfume, which I was so happy about. This has become my favorite perfume now. It knocked a few old favorites. Getting some surprise gifts is fun and this was definitely a surprise. If you want to know what the perfume smells like and why I like it so much, you can check out my previous post about it.

I got the perfume in a set, so the other thing that came in the set was this dual rollerball. One end is Viva la Juicy Noir and the other end is the original Viva la Juicy.

There will be one last post tomorrow on what I got for Christmas. I have a lot of things the I have gotten in the past couple of months to show you in a collective haul, a post of products I've used up in the past 6 months, my January favorites post, and a few other things coming up this month. 

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